The Buckton Family

Ernest Albert Buckton

Ernest Albert Buckton

Growing up in a very small family, I thought we were the only Bucktons. It wasn’t until after the death of my father, Ernest Albert Buckton, that I decided to try to find out more about his family.

It was a new century, and information online made genealogical research possible. The trouble however, was that I did not know my grandparent’s names. Phone calls to my few cousins didn’t solve the problem. A search on the 1901 census threw up quite a few Bucktons, but none were familiar.

Some months later, I received a call from a cousin who had found a piece of paper in an old bible. On it were written our grandparent’s and great grandparent’s names.

At last I could start my search. A quick scan of a genealogical site found someone with my great grandfather on a family-tree. Within hours, I was looking at a list of over seventy Buckton names, taking my tree back to 1600 in the Yorkshire Dales.

Many, many hours later, I have a tree with lots of branches and over 1000 names. The basic tree I was sent, has been researched, checked wherever possible and expanded.

I have discovered a fascinating family; amongst them many generations of legal gentlemen, a very well respected Scientist, a friend of Darwin, Babbage and Tennyson, an Author and Poet who was also an Educationist, some Artists and a Suffragette.

I want this site to be for all-things-Buckton – not just my own branch of the family.

There are other Buckton lines, also appearing to start in Yorkshire. I have been unable to tie these lines together. These branches went to New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada and South Africa. I am building a spread sheet of Bucktons World Wide.

If you are researching your Buckton family, please get in touch. I may be able to help.

Maybe together we can find those missing links.

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