Buckton Bugs

George Bowdler Buckton

George Bowdler Buckton

George Bowdler Buckton Fellow of the Royal Society and Entomologist.

A childhood interest in aphids was rekindled when George Bowdler Buckton moved to Haslemere in 1865.

He was an excellent artist and his collection of six hundred water colour drawings and sixty four hand coloured plates, is held at the Natural History Museum. in London.

These drawings were used to illustrate his works. Monograph of British Aphids, 1876-1883, A Monograph of the Membracidae,
1901-1903 and as a basis for Monograph of the British Cicadae, or Tettigidae, 1890-1891.

The Natural History of Eristalis tenax or the Drone Fly was published in 1895.

Charles Darwin had a copy of Monograph of British Aphids in his own library. This is now held at the Botany school, Cambridge University. Buckton also wrote to Darwin from Haslemere, about caterpillars.

Buckton was a Fellow of the Linnean Society, the Chemical Society, the Royal Society and the Entomological Society. He was also a member of the Entomological Society of France and a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Philadelphia.

Some aphids bear his name. ie:

Therioaphis Maculata Buckton. The Spotted Alfalfa Aphid.
Neomyzus circumflexus Buckton. The crescent marked Lily Aphid
Macrosiphum luteum Buckton. The Orchid Aphid
Pterocomma pilosum Buckton.
Aulacorthum circumflexum Buckton. The Lily Aphid
Microlophium carnosum Buckton. The Nettle Aphid
Meyoura oiciae Buckton.
Megoura viciae Buckton. The Vetch Aphid
Cryptosiphum artemesiae Buckton. The Artemisia Aphid
Sitobion luteum Buckton. The Yellow Orchid Aphid
Cinara cupressi Buckton. The Cypress Aphid
Dysaphis aucupariae Buckton.  The Wild Service Aphid
Apsylla Cistellata Buckton   The Mango Aphid

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