Bucktons in The Linen Industry

Richard Buckton and Son (Linen)

Richard Buckton was born on the 20/3/1824 and Christened in Halifax on 25/4/1824. He was  the son of Christopher Buckton, who was Christened in Well, Yorkshire on 1/4/1785 and  Susannah Walsh of Halifax. Richard had five siblings. William born 1822, John born 1826, James born 1828 Henry born 1831 and Frances (Fanny), born 1835. They were all Christened in Halifax.

In 1841Richard is living with his family at Boothtown, Northowram, Halifax. His father Christopher,  is  a dyer, and died in 1855 in Halifax.

Richard married Jane Goodyear in Halifax in 1842. Their son Richard was born in 1844. The 1851 census shows Richard with his wife and son at 3 Smithies Place, Leeds. Richard is shown as a Linen Manufacturer employing 10 men. By 1861, the census shows Richard, Jane and Richard junior living in Bridgefield Place Leeds.  Richard senior is listed as a Linen Manufacturer employing 12 men, 3 boys and 97 females. Jane, who was several years older than Richard, died in 1866, and in 1867 Richard married Eliza Scott, in Kirkstall, Leeds. By the time of the 1871 census they have two children. May (1869) and Kate (1870) and are living at Ashwood Villas in Headlingley cum Burley, Leeds. They have three servants.

1881 sees two sons Harry Scott (1872) and Walter (1874) with the family at Wheatfield, Headingley cum Burley. Richards’ sister Frances is visiting. Richard and his family moved to Roundhay, Leeds, sometime in the 1880s and in a book written in 1887, Woodburn is described as a “beautiful villa” Richard senior died on 17/1/1890, at Roundhay  and in 1891 Eliza, is at Woodbourne, Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds. along with Kate, Harry Scott and Walter.  Eliza has two nieces staying there, and still has three servants. Eliza died there on 4/2/1900.

Richard junior married Louisa Steel in Leeds in May  1866. By the time of the 1871 census Richard and Louisa have a daughter, Amelia Jane (1868  ) and a son Arthur  Whitworth ( 1870  ) Richard is listed as a Linen Manufacturer.

1881 Sees Richard junior at Bainbridge Terrace Headingley cum Burley, with Louisa, Amelia Jane, Rose  Francis (1872) and Frederick Ernest (1875)

Louisa died in Leeds, in 1889 and the 1891 census shows Richard as a  widow,  with Amelia, Rose and Fred at 216 Chapeltown Road, Potter Newton, Leeds.

Richard junior died on 18/7/1898 at Park View, Potter Newton. He left £46,000 to Thomas Smith, an engineer and William Stockwell Lawson, a carpet manufacturer.

May Buckton was born in Headingley and Christened on 30/7/1869. She is with her parents and siblings at Headingley cum Burley in 1871 and 1881. I cannot find her on the 1891 census but she married Frederick Ernest Lister in 1893 in Leeds.

Frederick was a Woolen Yarn Spinner, an employer.

1901 May is living in Park Avenue, Roundhay with Frederick, son Edgar Buckton Lister(1898)  and her brother Walter Buckton, listed as a Linen Manufacturer. Mays son, Maurice Buckton Lister was born in 1902.  He died in Gloucestershire in 1987.

Kate Buckton was born in Headlingley  on 6/9/1870. She is listed with her parents and siblings in 1871, 1881, and 1891. On the 26/9/1894 she married Thomas Edward Lister, her brother in law.  On the 1901 census Kate and Thomas are at 104 Huddersfield Road, Rastrick. Thomas is shown as a Cotton Spinner, an employer. Kate and Thomas went on to have a son Richard Basil Lister who was born in 1910 and died on 18/10/ 1995,  in Wexford, Ireland. His wife Ann died in 2007. Kate and Thomas both died in Boston Spa, Yorkshire, in 1943

Harry Scott Buckton was born in Headlingley, Leeds on 25/3/1872. HIs is listed at his parents house on all census until 1901. He is then listed at 6 Woodhouse Sq, Leeds. Living alone with two servants, he is listed as a Manufacturer of Flax, Hemp and Jute. An employer. Harry travelled to South Africa and arrived at Southampton aboard The Thames on 22/6/1906 and an article, also of 1906 shows him at the Goodman Street Linen works in Leeds. He died in Leeds in 1909.

Walter Buckton was born on 10/6/1874 in Leeds. He appears on the census with his parents until 1901 when he is listed as brother in law to Frederick Lister and living in Park Avenue Roundhay with Frederick and May Lister. He is listed as a Linen Manufacturer. Walter died on 20/6/1910 at Woodbourne, Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds, leaving £35,000 to his sisters May and Kate Lister.

Amelia Jane Buckton was born in 1868 in Leeds. She is listed with her parents in 71, 81 and 91.  She married George Bean in Leeds in 1894.  George was a Farmer from West Cowick, Yorkshire. In 1901 they are living at Parkfield, in Wath, near Ripon, Yorkshire. They have a daughter Freda (1898)  and 5 servants. Amelia died in the Ripon area in 1935. Freda married John Davidson in late 1934 in Ripon.

Arthur Whitworth Buckton born 1870 in Headingley. He is on the 1871 census with his parents in Headingley. In 1891 he is listed as a farm pupil, at Mowbray HIll, Well, Yorkshire. He married Florence Smith in 1900 in Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire and in 1901 they are living at Middleton Quernhow, Near Wath. Their son Arthur Rowland is with them, along with Florences’ mother and sister. Arthur senior is “living on own means” Daughter Gwendoline Emilie Louise was born in 1901 and son Harry Whitworth Buckton was born in 1906. Arthur and Florence travelled to Canada in 1934 when their address was given as The Cottage, Forest Lane, Harrogate. He died in Claro area of Yorkshire, in 1952.

Rose Francis Louise Buckton was born in Leeds in 1872. She is listed with her parents on the 1881 census and with her father on the 1891 census. In 1900 she married Leslie Thorpe Watson in Ripon. He was an Estate Agent from Potter Newton. Leslie died on 12/4/1939 at Percy Lodge, The Oval, Harrogate. His estate was left to Rose,  as well as Joseph and Sidney Watson his brothers.

Frederick Ernest Buckton was born in Leeds in 1875. He is on the 1881 census with his parents and the 91 with his father. In 1901, he is a lodger at 1 Reginald Terrace, Potter Newton, listed as a Linen Manufacturer. In 1902 he married Gertrude Watson, possibly the sister of Leslie Thorpe Watson, his brother in law. Frederick  died in Leeds in 1925

Going back to where this piece started.

Susannah Walsh was born in Halifax and was probably the daughter of James Walsh, and Christened in Halifax on 24/5/1795. She married Christopher Buckton in Halifax on 7/7/1819.

She was with her husband Christopher in Northowram in 1851. Christopher is shown as a Tanners Man. Christopher died in 1855 and in 1861 Susannah is living with her son Henry in Boothtown, Northowram. He is a grocer, married to Mary (Potter). His sister Frances Buckton is also living there, shown as a shop assistant.

In 1871 Susannah and Frances Buckton are listed as Grocers at Leglands Buildings, Northowram. Henry, wife Mary and children Christopher Potter Buckton  (1862) Mary Buckton (1868) and Thomas Potter Buckton (1869) are living at 3 West View, Northowram. Henry is now a Master Tallow Chandler and Grocer.

Susannah died in 1878.

1881 Henry is listed with his wife and children at High Field, Hipperholme-cum- Brighouse, as a retired Tallow Melter. He died in 1888.

Christopher Potter Buckton died in 1907 in Halifax and Thomas Potter Buckton of North Lea, Lightcliffe, on 17/8/1913. HIs estate was left to his widow Gertrude.

There is a Buckton Snippet about Henrys’ sons Thomas and Christopher  Potter Buckton

William Buckton (1822).  Married Mary Ann Rawnsley in late 1846, in Halifax. 1851 lists them at 4 Timble Bridge, Leeds. He is a Tallow chandler, employing two men. HIs sister in law Kezia Buckton, and niece Jane are there as well. He has a daughter Anne Rawnsley Buckton. 1861 sees William and Mary Ann at 14 Wigglesworth Street, Leeds. He is a clerk at a flax mill. Their daughter Anne is visiting her uncle Sidney Rawnsley at Bull Green in Halifax. Anne married James Wallis Loft ,of Grimsby, in Stockport in 1873 and by 1881 they have two children. Charles and Lucy. The address given as Central Station, Kimberworth, near  Rotherham, Yorks, with James as the station master. 1891 shows James is still the station master, with the family nearby.  Daughter Lucy age 14 is shown as a school teacher. They now have another son John Percival R (1887) . Ann died in 1896 in the Caistor area of Lincolnshire.

1901 Both Charles and John are at Humber Terrace in Great Grimsby Lincolnshire. Charles is married to Lynne and has three children. He is a Rail clerk. His father is living with them and is sited as a retired station master. John Percival is also a rail clerk.

James Buckton (1828), married Kezia Wear in Halifax in 1848. She was the daughter of John and Kezia Wear of Halifax. In 1851 James is shown as a Warehouse man, in Upper Crib Lane, Halifax, with his mother in law and a brother in law.  Kezia and their daughter Jane, are with James’ brother William at 4 Timble Bridge, Leeds. Jane died not long after. In 1861, James and Kezia are at 1 Eldin Place, Lasswade, Scotland. They have two children, Christopher and William Henry (1859). James is a Carpet Cropper. 1871 has Kezia and William Henry again in Halifax. she is a Worsted Weaved. James is still listed in Eldin Place, Lasswade, as a Cropper of carpets . Kezia died in Halifax in 1884.

Frances Buckton (1835) married Thomas Smith in Halifax, 1882. Thomas died before the 1891 census, which shows Frances again as a Grocer in Halifax.

In the 1908 Kelly Directory, both Walter Buckton and Harry Scott Buckton are listed as working for R Buckton and Son.

I have no proof, but this could be the son of James Buckton (1828)

In 1871 Christopher Buckton  is ” learning the manufacture of Linen” and is a lodger in Larchfields, Leeds. By 1881 Christopher has married Caroline Corker in Hunslet, 1876, and they have two daughters, Gertrude(1876)  and Caroline (1881). The family is living a 8 Foster Street, Hunslet, Leeds. Christopher is now a foreman Linen Manufacturer. 1891 Christopher is again shown as  a foreman in a Linen Mill. He is living at 13 Newport Streeet, Hunslet, with Caroline, Gertrude and James (1889) 1901 sees Christopher and Caroline, with four children at home with them in at 3 Prospect Street, Hunslet. Their daughter Mabel was born in 1899.  Christopher died in Hunslet 1906.

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